The Universal BullS*t Detector Watch

About Joey Skaggs

Joey Skaggs has been calling bullshit "bullshit" for a long time. Now he has created the Universal Bullshit Detector Watch™ enabling you to call it as you see it, any time, anywhere.

Skaggs is an artist, satirist, prankster, media critic and social activist. Since the sixties, his absurd and often comical performance art has been widely reported as news to an unsuspecting and largely unquestioning public.

By always revealing his ruse and explaining his point, his mission has been to communicate his social & cultural critique as widely as possible. Now, with his Universal Bullshit Detector Watch, he wants everyone to be able to do the same thing with the push of a button!

Hailed the Godfather of the Media Prank, he is the creator of:


The Bad Guys Talent Management Agency: An agency specializing in burley bouncers and slimy sleazes… bad guys, bad girls, bad kids and bad dogs

The Fat Squad: A business that offered commandos who, for a fee, would physically restrain you from breaking your diet

The Cat House for Dogs: A bordello for dogs where for $50 you could get your dog sexually gratified

The Annual April Fools Day Parade: A satirical parade in New York City now in it’s 22nd year

Metamorphosis: An organization offering vitamins made from the hormones of cockroaches to cure diseases and make one invulnerable to nuclear radiation

The Solomon Project: An alternative to the American Judicial system eliminating the need for judges and juries and providing equal justice for all

Stop BioPEEP: A secret sinister plot by a multi-national corporation to addict people to their products is revealed by a company defector

The Final Curtain: A Disneyland-like memorial theme park cemetery and time-share program for the dead

The Hippie Bus Tour to Queens: A tour by long-haired, bearded, beaded, camera-toting hippies in response to gawkers who visited New York’s East Village to photograph them

Portofess: A portable confessional booth mounted on the back of a tricycle and peddled to the 1992 Democratic National Convention bringing religion on the move to people on the go because the church must go where the sinners are

The Celebrity Sperm Bank: A public auction of celebrity sperm offering up sperm from Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and other luminaries

Dog Meat Soup: A Korean company offered to buy unwanted dogs from dog shelters for $.10 a pound to be processed as food

Hair Today: A Native American surgeon solicited scalp donors to provide healthy scalps for transplant providing a permanent cure for baldness

Fish Condos: A satirical product commenting on the gentrification of neighborhoods, featured in NY Magazine “Best Bets”, Life Magazine, and the 1996 Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog.

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